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The linchpin between great companies and great people.


Feeling Ambitious are all about 'perfect fit' recruitment services. We operate to a series of promises that we make to our clients and candidates. This makes the recruitment process for both candidates and companies simple and successful. 


Contruction Engineer


Whether you are looking for a new challenge or new business leader / team member we will guide you through the process.

We will work harder and search further to find the right opportunity or person for your business.

You will never be put under pressure to interview somewhere or talk to someone you think is not suitable.

However we may come up with a few ideas you may never have thought of and we do ask that you hear us out, at least.

Twenty years in the recruitment business has lead us to believe that recruitment can be a tough process if it's not done with thought.

Let us help you achieve your goals with the human touch that is Feeling Ambitious?

Bridge Contruction


Your decision to change your work life is the most important one you'll make this year.


Whether you are ready for your next big step, seeking a new working environment or a better work to life balance it is important that you choose the right help.


We understand that you are an individual and that your motives for change are unique and because you are a 'one off' we take the time to understand you and your needs.


The Feeling Ambitious Find Work Promise 


1. You're are not a square peg or indeed a round one. We listen to what you want and only introduce you to companies that fit to your needs.


2. You can always use our support resources. CV development, interview preparation and remuneration negotiation. That's a career long promise.


3. Our relationship will be both discrete and confidential. Always.


4. We'll agree deliverables that include communication and feedback. We'll always get back to you. That's our promise.


Get in touch if you're ready to make the change or just looking for some advice. 


We are always on the lookout for great candidates and offer a generous referral fee for any placements we make.

Engineers and Businesspeople


A recruitment experience that's all about you and what's best for your business.

If you’re looking to find the best talent to grow your business, you’re in the right place. We find the right people, for all roles; in most industries (we haven’t placed anyone into rocket science yet!). 


Matching business requirements to people/ talent is what we do.  Our success is based on the latest scientific hiring methodology.  


Using cutting-edge candidate assessment steps and an online delivery platform we will reduce your commercial downtime and improve your retention rates.


Headhunting - if it's a specialist search or specific candidate introduction you are looking for our proven network of recruiters and candidates, which we have built up through our rec2rec business, means we'll deliver.


We always take the time to understand your business and we agree deliverables. We always deliver!


Feeling Ambitious operate a lean business without unnecessary overheads. We pass the savings on to you giving you great value.


The Feeling Ambitious Delivery Promise


1. You’ll only ever interview relevant candidates. 


2. Your recruitment process is about you and your business. This means on candidate quality and quantity, you call the shots. We always agree deliverables.


3. When your new employee starts their job, our ‘we're there whilst they're there’ service begins. We’ll be available to consult for the lifetime of the candidate’s employment.


4. Should something go wrong we offer a straight forward free replacement or an agreed rebate.


Get in touch if you're searching for the perfect employee or even just looking for some advice. 

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Linzi has been absolutely amazing throughout. From our initial conversation of her getting to know me and what I was looking for, to receiving the offer; she was in continuous contact to ensure I was happy. The time and effort Linzi put in was fantastic and she truly is a pleasure to work with, she truly cares about making sure the job (and everything that comes with it) is right for you.

I can't recommend Linzi enough to anyone looking for their next role, and should I ever need to I would absolutely use Linzi again without a second thought.



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